Have you ever felt drawn in tons of Laravel database migration files?

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Project with 656 migration files !!

I think we all following the same approach when updating an existing table making any new change in a brand new migration file.

After months of development, I am sure it ends with tons of migration files and you can’t figure out the full schema of the table you have to go through each update file or you could make yourself a favor and check the table structure directly using some database clients like TablePlus or Sequel Pro or whatever client you are using.

In my last project…

I am building an App with Laravel & VueJs dealing with trips and using Google Maps to determine source and destination.
I need to send an email to the Client with trip details including the map.

Fortunately, Google provides a Service called Maps Static API which provides a way to path markers or polygons to the API and it returns an image with the map.

The problem is that I had to path the API key to the request query params, and this will make the key not secure and anyone can inspect and use it.


I had to…

I’m building a multi-page web application but I use Vue js in some pages to build components and enhancing user experience.

I have a situation that after submitting a form I have to redirect to one of the pages built with Vue js which lists all the articles and I had to filter them to get the one I had just created.

so I decided to pass the id in the query string and get it from the query string in the filter component and set the filter that filters articles by id with it

the problem is that when…

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